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Many feature stories are recorded in the online archives of magazines and newspapers. A feature story is a piece of in-depth journalism. It differs from headline journalism in the length of the piece and the level of detail given to the subject. Feature stories got thei...


Some ideas for water features include stand-alone fountains, streams, cascading water fountains, bird baths and spas. Cascading water fountains are sometimes designed to appear as natural hill formations, while others are crafted as pieces of art that the water flows ac...


The main idea is what the story is about, including the content and plot details. The main idea is often confused with the topics of a story, but they are different.


Good ideas for stories are typically generated through the act of writing itself. Writers generally need to pick out a subject or idea that interests them, consider it deeply, and then write their thoughts. This process almost always generates new ideas.


Some ideas for an adventure story are going on a treasure hunt, getting shipwrecked on a deadly deserted island, fighting for an admirable cause, hunting down a mysterious creature, trying to overthrow an unjust leader, discovering and curing a fatal new disease and com...


Short stories must tell the beginning, middle and end of a story quicker than novels, and the best endings are ones that have a twist at the end. Twists, such as the storyteller being the villain instead of the hero or the narrator being dead, surprise readers.


Some ideas for short stories include the beauty of an ugly concept, a mixture of random ideas or words that form the basis of the plot, and a pre-written first line that begins the story. These ideas can all help writers get started and generate ideas.