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Windows computers can be set up to send and receive faxes using an application included in the operating system. In order to use this application, the computer must be connected to a phone line. Look for the Windows Fax and Scan option in the Start menu to use this meth...


It is possible to send a fax over a Windows computer by ensuring that your PC is connected to a phone line. Open the operating system's fax program, fill out the fax form, and send your fax.


A fax number is a phone number used by a facsimile, or fax, machine, sometimes also called a telefax or telecopy machine. A fax machine uses a series of signals to transmit a document from one location to another.


To send a fax as of 2014, collect the documents you want to fax, create a cover sheet, then put the documents and cover sheet into the machine. Dial the recipient's fax number, and press Send.


A professional fax includes an organized cover sheet and letter. Since many businesses share a single fax machine among several employees, the fax must be clear and concise to get to the appropriate party promptly.


A fax machine is a communication system that is used for sending and receiving documents that contain images and text. The advantage of a fax machine over email is that it sends a physical document to the receiver.


To send a fax with a fax machine, write the cover letter, make sure the fax machine is plugged in, set the documents to be faxed on the fax machine feeder and dial the fax number of the intended recipient. Press "send" to activate the fax machine and send the fax.