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A fax number is a phone number used by a facsimile, or fax, machine, sometimes also called a telefax or telecopy machine. A fax machine uses a series of signals to transmit a document from one location to another.


To find fax numbers, access phone directory websites such as Whitepages and 411.com that provide them for free. Alternatively, use a business directory such as Data.com. Also, access the company's website or contact it by phone or email to learn its fax number.


Many businesses list all of their contact information, including fax number, on their websites. Start by using a search engine to look up the business website. Other options are to use a phone book, call, email, or go to the business in person to ask for the fax number.


Fax and phone numbers both use the same process of registration, which must be done through a service provider, such as AT&T. Landline services are often bundled through a cable subscription in order to save money and the phone numbers are then chosen for the customers.


Websites such as Fax-List.com and USBizData.com sell fax number databases. Fax-List.com claims that its constantly updated database contains over 20 million records from more than 190 countries. The company charges by the record with a $100 minimum purchase, as of 2015.


Several companies offer free fax services online, including a fax number for receiving transmissions. eFax offers free local numbers and FaxBetter provides toll-free numbers at no charge.


There are several fax numbers for the Internal Revenue Service depending on whether the matter is business or personal and the geographic location where the taxpayer resides, explains the IRS. The best way to determine the correct number is to visit the IRS website.