Some good ideas for faux wall painting include sponging, ragging, color washing and strie techniques, as noted by Benjamin Moore. A few other faux painting finishes are marbleizing, rag rolling and leathering. These diff... More »

Faux painting methods for kitchen cabinets and walls include sponging, color washing and stenciling. These methods achieve different looks, such as country, antique, distressed and cracked, without having to pay hefty fe... More »

Giving painted surfaces the appearance of stone or marble, suede, sandstone, sponging or a chalkboard is possible with the use of different interior paint faux finishes. With the proper instruction and preparation, faux ... More »

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Some examples of faux finishes include trompe l'oeil, strie, marble, ragging and Venetian plaster. Faux finishes can be applied to many different types of surfaces to emulate various materials, such as marble and wood, f... More »

Some ideas for decorating a small living room include avoiding bulky furniture, making use of all available spaces with shelves and making bold design choices in areas such as color, wall art and decorative pieces. Patte... More »

Some unusual wall painting ideas include creating colorful waves and using large typography, according to Homedit. Another unusual idea is to use painter's tape that is torn at the edges to create jagged lines. More »

Consumers can purchase good interior wall paint in various colors at Home Depot and Lowe's, as well as on the Benjamin Moore and Behr websites, as of 2015. Home Depot and Lowe's stores usually display interior wall paint... More »