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Doctors do not know what causes benign fatty lumps, known as lipomas, as of 2015, notes Mayo Clinic. They believe that genetic factors contribute to the development of lipomas, as people with family members who have the fatty masses are at higher risk.


PetEducation.com explains that calcinosis cutis is a condition in dogs that causes hard nodules to develop on the back or groin. Calcinosis cutis is caused by excessive treatments with corticosteroids or glandular tumors. Additional conditions that cause lumps on the back and body include hematomas


One of the most common causes of a lump on the head is trauma to the site of the lump, which causes the tissues to swell and potentially bruise within one or two days of the injury, explains Healthline. Head lumps can also occur in the form of benign lesions, such as cysts or vascular masses, or due


Possible causes of a lump in the hand include ganglion cyst, inclusion cyst, carpal boss and enchondroma, according to About.com. It is also possible a lump in the hand is sarcoma, a type of cancer, but this is rare.


Some of the noncancerous causes of lumps in the mouth include warts, oral thrush, a torus and salivary gland tumors, notes Merck Manuals. Some precancerous causes of lumps in the mouth include leukoplakia and erythroplakia. These are often flat white or red spots that lead to oral cancer.


Painful lumps under the skin are usually caused by injuries or infections, states MedlinePlus. These lumps include boils, which are caused by infected hair follicles, and carbuncles, which are groups of boils, according to WebMD. Lipomas are soft lumps under the skin that have no known cause, states


Possible causes of lumps on the gums include canker sores, oral herpes, oral cancer, salivary duct obstruction, acute sinusitis, esophagitis and pemphigus, according to WebMD. Lumps on the gums may also be harmless mucocele, which form when salivary ducts are damaged or blocked.


A lump in the neck can signal several medical conditions, such as enlarged lymph nodes due to a bacterial or viral infection, acne, autoimmune disease, thyroid disorder, tonsillitis, sebaceous cysts, allergies or cancer, according to Healthline. Doctors can diagnose neck lumps according to the exist


Cancer, certain viral or bacterial infections and autoimmune diseases may cause a lump on the back of the neck, notes Healthline. A neck lump may also occur due to an injury or torticollis. These factors result in the enlargement of lymph nodes, a common cause of the neck mass.


The most common reason for lumps on the tongue is lie bumps or transient lingual papillitis, which occurs when the papillae become irritated and swollen resulting in white or red bumps, explains Healthline. There is no known cause for lie bumps, and while they can reoccur, they are not serious and g