The fastest way to boil water is to fill a pot with hot tap water, cover the pot and place it on the stove on the highest heat setting. Pure water boils faster than water with salt or other impurities. More »

To freeze fresh, uncooked butternut squash, you need to peel it, cut it into chunks, and cook it before placing it in the freezer. Boiling is the fastest way to cook the squash chunks. Butternut squash does not freeze we... More »

Cook a pumpkin by boiling or baking it or by using a microwave. Freshly cooked pumpkin can be served on its own, and it also can be used as an ingredient for many recipes. Use a sugar pumpkin for best results, More » Food Cooking

Use a Bissell Pro Heat carpet shampooer by measuring the appropriate cleaning solution and placing it in the tank, filling the machine the rest of the way with hot tap water and turning it on to heat it up. After about t... More » Home & Garden Appliances

The fastest way to melt an ice cube is to transfer heat energy to the ice as quickly as possible. Heat sources such as hot water, fire and an oven quickly melt ice, as does setting ice out in the sun. More »

Both the low and high settings cook meat thoroughly, but the longer cooking times mandated by the low setting tend to result in meat that is more tender. Browning meat before finishing it in the slow cooker also adds fla... More »

The recommended temperature setting for most water heaters is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The United States Department of Energy recommends this temperature setting to save energy and reduce the chance of scalding injuries. More »