FasTrak toll roads are roads or lanes in California that collect tolls through the FasTrak electronic payment system. Some examples of FasTrak toll roads are the Express Lanes and State Routes 73, 133 and 261 in Orange C... More » Geography

FasTrak is the electronic system for collecting tolls on California's roads, lanes and bridges. A FasTrak account holder fixes a transponder to his windshield and drives through toll collection points without stopping to... More » Geography

In the state of California, there are four different ways to pay tolls using the FasTrak system. These options include payment online via credit or debit card, check by mail, in person at one of FasTrak's customer servic... More » Geography
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It is possible to pay tolls online through various electronic toll payment services, such as E-Zpass, FasTrak, and I-PASS. Some toll payment services, such as E-Zpass, accept toll payments throughout several state highwa... More » Geography

The Southern California toll roads are controlled by the Transportation Corridor Agencies, which are two entities established by the California legislature to handle the planning, financing and operation of these roads, ... More » Geography

One way that drivers can pay for toll roads in Orange County, California is by visiting The Toll Roads website, as of August 2015. Another way that drivers can pay for toll roads is via "The Toll Roads" smartphone app. T... More » Geography

The largest system of toll roads in the state is Florida's Turnpike, which encompasses 483 miles total and primarily runs through central and southeast Florida. The state also has a number of smaller toll roads, bridges ... More » Geography