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Historians recognize Charles Frederick Worth as the first traditional fashion designer. Referred to as the "Father of Haute Couture," Worth pioneered the creation of garments with a unique style tied to a fashion house. Worth was also the first person to sew labels with his name into clothes.


Fashion designers perform many tasks including studying current trends and designing clothing. The designers draw out a sketch of the potential pieces before bringing the ideas to life.


For those considering a career in fashion design, a bachelor's degree in art, fashion design or fashion merchandising along with a portfolio of drawings and photographs demonstrating their work is necessary when seeking employment. Internships and apprenticeships with fashion designers or fashion bu


Charles Fredrick Worth was the very first fashion designer in the history of fashion. In the 19th century, he was the first seamster to sew his label into the garments he created.


A couple of top fashion designer game include "Fashion Designer: New York" and "Fashion Design Maker." These games provide players the chance to create clothing inside the game for free.


The top fashion design schools in the United States, as of 2014, are Parsons, the New School For Design and Fashion Institute of Technology. Other U.S. schools that rank highly when compared to both national and international institutions are the Savannah College of Art and Design and Pratt Institut


Participate in fashion design online by taking free online courses from universities such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or companies such as Fashion Era as well as paying for online courses through the Academy of Art or University of Fashion. Other options include using online tools a


Well-known fashion designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent and Prada all have clean, efficient websites for their brands. More fashion design websites can be found by searching for design houses or brands.


Fashion designers normally have a bachelor's degree in fashion design or marketing and gain initial experience in the industry through internships or working as an assistant designer. During this time, an aspiring designer creates a portfolio, which is used by a fashion company to gauge the creativi


Fashion designers use technology to design fabrics using fashion designing tools available in software packages, to alter previous designs, to see how designs look on virtual models, to determine which clothing material is fit for certain designs, and to connect with the fashion industry online. Fas