Farm equipment auctions are events where tools related to the care of crops and/or livestock are bought and sold. During a farm equipment auction, bids are placed by potential buyers, and the highest bidder wins the sale... More »

Antique farm equipment for sale is featured at websites such as You can also find information about upcoming antique farm equipment shows by subscribing to specialty guides offered at More »

Antique farm equipment is available for purchase at and has a vast selection of equipment in categories that include garden tractors, disc plows, corn grind... More »

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Commercial farming involves raising crops and livestock to sell for a profit. The needs of the market help determine which crops are grown. With subsistence farming, the farmer raises the food he needs to provide for him... More »

Farm implements, tractor parts and accessories, feed and livestock supplies, fencing and gates, and poultry supplies and equipment are some of the products sold by farm stores. Farm stores typically sell many other types... More »

Indigo, one of the most important cash crops of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina during the colonial period, was planted by hand in rows with hoes and other simple hand tools. Sometimes the plantation slaves, who were... More »

Many of Brushy Mountain Bee Farm's online bee products fall into two major categories: tools and equipment for beekeeping and products made from beeswax and honey. Accessory gift items include bee-related apparel, decora... More »