In fantasy basketball, players open a season by "drafting" their choice of players from the real-life NBA roster, then tracking those players' performances in games throughout the season. Each statistic the league tracks... More »

Some funny basketball team names include "Gang Green," "Geeks N Sneaks," "Big Ballers," "Caucasian Invasion," "Dribbling Seamen," "Jump Balls," "Make It Drizzle," "WTF Are You Ewing," "Nothing But Nets" and "Jailblazers"... More »

Some good ways to follow NCAA basketball tournament scores are by downloading phone apps, making a Twitter or Facebook profile or checking online sports websites like ESPN. Individuals can program settings on these apps ... More »

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As of 2015, players can find free Spiderman games online at, and While some of the games are duplicated across these websites, each site offers a couple of Spider... More »

To play "Webkinz," players must purchase a real-life plush Webkinz toy and register it on the website. Once the player registers the toy as her pet, she can interact with her pet on the site by playing games, entering co... More »

One type of fun basketball game is Horse, which requires two or more players. Each time a player hits a shot during Horse, every other player must hit the same shot lest they earn a letter, explains Ev... More »

To play live fantasy cricket online, first log into your account and choose between current and upcoming matches. Select a match and join a room, choose the series you wish to play, and then pick players and build a team... More »