Penicillin, microwave ovens and x-ray images are all examples of accidental inventions. The idea for Velcro came about when a man hunting with his dog saw how burrs stuck to the animal's fur. The first evidence of the Bi... More » History Inventions

Some of the most famous scientists who weren't born in the United States include Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the idea of the telephone, and Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel, who invented the diesel engine. Other famo... More » History Inventions

Some of the most famous scientists and inventors in history are Thomas Edison, who invented the electric light bulb and motion picture camera; the Wright Brothers, who designed the first powered aircraft; and Benjamin Fr... More » History Inventions
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The Healthy Pillow, the Bag Tracker and the Wrist-Mist are some examples of student inventions, according to the National Museum of Education. Each of these inventions are winners of the museum's annual Student Ideas for... More » History Inventions

Homemade inventions people often find interesting due to the stories behind their origins include the flexible straw, liquid paper and Geox shoes. In each case, the invention was born out of an individual’s actions in re... More » History Inventions

British inventions made between 1750 and 1900 include the centrifugal governor, the Charlotte Dundas steamboat, the steam locomotive, the photographic camera and Marconi's wireless communication. The time between 1750 an... More » History Inventions

Labor-saving devices are inventions that reduce the time and effort needed to perform or complete a task. Farm equipment, home appliances and construction equipment are examples of mechanical inventions that save time an... More » History Inventions