Penicillin, microwave ovens and x-ray images are all examples of accidental inventions. The idea for Velcro came about when a man hunting with his dog saw how burrs stuck to the animal's fur. The first evidence of the Bi... More » History Inventions

Some of the most famous scientists who weren't born in the United States include Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the idea of the telephone, and Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel, who invented the diesel engine. Other famo... More » History Inventions

Some of the most famous scientists and inventors in history are Thomas Edison, who invented the electric light bulb and motion picture camera; the Wright Brothers, who designed the first powered aircraft; and Benjamin Fr... More » History Inventions
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The Healthy Pillow, the Bag Tracker and the Wrist-Mist are some examples of student inventions, according to the National Museum of Education. Each of these inventions are winners of the museum's annual Student Ideas for... More » History Inventions

Notable inventions of the 1980s include the hepatitis-B vaccine, MS-DOS, IBM-PC, the scanning tunneling microscope, the human growth hormone, The Apple Lisa, contact lenses, Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, CD-ROM and the Apple... More » History Inventions

Many of the most promising and celebrated inventions of 2014 were those intended to solve humanitarian or energy concerns, such as the GravityLight and Soccket. Both are capable of providing light and charging electrical... More » History Inventions

Robert Hooke has a number of inventions and patents to his credit. One of his most notable and useful inventions is the balance spring, which is a timepiece component that allows watches to remain accurate and remains wi... More » History Inventions