Sequoyah and Nancy Ward are two famous Cherokee Indians. Sequoyah invented the Cherokee writing system, and Nancy Ward played an important role in political decisions regarding the Cherokee. More »

Traditional Cherokee names for girls include Salali, Sequoia, Ninovan, Inola and Ayita. Cherokee names for boys include Unaduti, Tsiyi, Adahy, Waya and Kanuna. Traditionally, names varied from tribe to tribe and were mai... More » Education

The Cherokee people are described by William Bartram in his 1776 writings as having dark-black, course hair and a reddish-brown or copper-colored complexion. They also have an aquiline shape to their noses and a noble, h... More »

Aside from being an accomplished silversmith for his people, Sequoyah's most notable contribution to the Cherokee was the development of a writing system in the early 19th century. The Cherokee syllabary, which was creat... More » History Modern History US History

Cherokee roll numbers can be found under the "Dawes Roll" tab on the United States National Archives website, located at The Cherokee are one of the five Native-American nations counted. The website also li... More »

The Jumano Indians were a group of Indians who were made up of at least three different tribes of Indians. The name Jumano was used to describe the Indians who were found on the plains and in the southwest from the 1500s... More »

The Trail of Tears refers to the relocation path taken by tens of thousands of Indians when tribes were forcibly removed from their homes. Thousands of Indians died from disease, hunger and abuse during the trip. The Che... More »