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Family law addresses the rules, regulations and court processes involving the family unit, according to an article on FindLaw. As such, family law deals with marriage, divorce, property obligations, paternity, and child custody and support. It also handles adoption, guardianship, domestic partnershi


Some common family law questions include the following: "What are grounds for divorce?;" "How are assets legally divided in a divorce?;" and "What is joint custody?" according to the American Bar Association. Other questions include, "How is child support determined?" and "Do grandparents have visit


Those looking for free family law legal advice can call their local legal aid office or ask the judge assigned to their cases to appoint a legal aid lawyer to represent them, LawHelp.org explains. There are many legal aid offices located throughout the United States. Most legal aid offices are nonpr


Some family laws in California include adoption laws that regulate the adoption of children into a family and child support laws that regulate how much money a noncustodial parent must pay for the needs of a child to a custodial parent, as FindLaw explains. California also has spousal support laws.


Writing a code of conduct into law establishes consistent guidelines for people to follow. Laws are drafted with any of five major principles in mind, according to About.com. The first two principles are to prevent harm to the self and others; the other three are morality, donation and statism.


The differences between the family laws of Florida and those of other states are minor; for instance, the state's abortion laws are generally more restrictive, notes FindLaw. Florida is also one of the eight states that do not recognize legal separation between couples, according to Cheshire Family


According to the Church of Latter-Day Saints, family is important because it provides love, support and a framework of values to each of its members. Family members teach each other, serve one another and share life's joys and sorrows. Families provide a setting for personal growth. A family works t


Resources that provide information on Washington State family law include FindLaw.com, DivorceNet.com and WashingtonLawHelp.com. Some of the topics that FindLaw.com covers are child custody laws, marital property laws and adoption laws, while DivorceNet.com explores issues ranging from the basics of


The role of a family law judge is to referee disputes heard in family courts. Family courts hear all cases related to familial and domestic relationships. If there are children, the family court judge must also consider the best interests of the children in all the decisions he is called on to make.


What constitutes a good family name is subjective, but common surnames in the United States that are concise, recognizable and easy to pronounce are Brown, Smith, Jones, Miller and Davis. Over eight million people in the United States have one of these five family names, according to data on Mongaba