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Child support laws in Illinois differ from those in other states. Most states use one of three child support guideline models: the income shares model, the percentage of income model or the Melson formula. Illinois uses the percentage of income model, according to the National Conference of State Le


The U.S. Congress creates new child support laws, and the federal Office of Child Support Enforcement implements the laws, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Each state operates its own child enforcement agency, which the Office of Child Support Enforcement oversees.


A child support review is a process courts and government agencies use to consider adjustments to established child support payments, says Legal Information Institute. The review process is conducted three years after an initial support order is established, or at the request of a parent.


As of 2015, the New Jersey Child Support Guidelines pertain to parties who have a combined net income greater than $170 a week and less than $3,600 a week, explains Wilentz, Goldman and Spitzer, attorneys-at-law. For incomes below $170 per week, the court awards based on the child's needs and the pa


The number for each state's child support office can be found on the contacts page of the website for the Office of Child Support Enforcement. The site also provides the local addresses and fax numbers.


Some core child support laws in Virginia as of 2015 are that both parents are responsible for the child and income is not restricted to the parents' paychecks only. Child support is not a debt that can be discharged by bankruptcy, notes the Virginia Department of Social Services.


All Georgia parents are required to provide adequate support for their minor children, according to Fulton Superior Court. As of 2007, child support in Georgia is calculated using the income of both parents, taking into consideration previous child support orders, which parent is the custodial or no


To file for child support services, the custodial parent should contact the social services or child support office in the state where the custodial parent and the children live, according to the South Dakota Department of Social Services. An application may be requested in order to begin the proces


A custodial parent seeking to apply for child support services needs to contact a local child support office because the official guidelines vary according to state, as the United States Office of Child Support Enforcement, or OCSE, explains. The applicant's financial information, including income,


According to the California Department of Child Support Services, child support payments cover a parent's contributions to a child's medical and living expenses. Child support is determined by a court ruling. The court can rule that either or both parents are required to provide child support paymen