A person who makes a false statement to the police in the state of Washington is guilty of a gross misdemeanor offense, which may result in felony level charges, according to Washington State Legislature. The punishment ... More »

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Hire an attorney before withdrawing any police statement. This is because, according to lawyers consulted via LawGuru, the police can fine a person or bring charges against him if they believe he deliberately made a fals... More »

According to the law offices of Gilbert and Smallman in Miami, Fla., filing a false police report is a serious criminal offense in which most individuals accused of the crime face felony charges. Felony convictions lead ... More »

Dropping criminal charges occurs for many reasons, including a victim who changes his mind about the complaint; however, the prosecuting attorney is the person who decides to drop them. Other reasons prosecutors drop cha... More »

To write a police statement, list your contact information, specific details about the crime, such as the time and location of the incident, and names and contact information of the people who were involved, if possible.... More »

Jail booking codes are letters and numbers used by law enforcement to denote if a person is being charged with a felony, a misdemeanor or an infraction and to provide basic information about the offender. The type of cha... More »

To become a police officer, complete the required education level, send an application to a police department and finish the training program, according to Study.com. After graduating from the police academy training pro... More »

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