One interesting fact about the Twin Towers is that they were actually designed to withstand a possible plane crash. Another fact is that tightrope artist Philippe Petit performed an illegal tightrope walk between the two... More » Art & Literature Architecture

The attack on the World Trade Center's twin towers occurred on Sept. 11, 2001. The attack was carried out by 19 members of the terrorist group al-Qaeda and involved the hijacking of four airline planes. Two of the planes... More » History Modern History US History

One interesting fact about the Twin Towers Correctional Facility is that it is the largest jail in the world, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. In the United States, the facility is the biggest me... More » Government & Politics Law Enforcement
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The World Trade Center, commonly referred to as the Twin Towers, represented economic and military strength, according to National Geographic. On Sept. 11, 2001, the Twin Towers were attacked by Taliban terrorists. More » Art & Literature Architecture

Although they were called "twins," the Twin Towers differed slightly in height, with one standing 1,368 feet tall and the other rising only to 1,362 feet tall, according to Each building had 110 stories. More » Art & Literature Architecture

The twin towers, the two tallest buildings in the World Trade Center complex, were 1,368 and 1,362 feet tall. The two towers, known as One and Two World Trade Center, each had 110 stories. More » Art & Literature Architecture

Common characteristics of Victorian houses (styles constructed from 1837 to 1901) include steep roofs with prominent gables at the front, textured shingles, asymmetrical porches, and facades and towers. They are usually ... More » Art & Literature Architecture