The snow leopard is an elusive wildcat that roams the mountains of central Asia. It grows to be 6- to 7 1/2-feet-long, including the tail, 2-feet-high at the shoulders and up to 120 pounds in weight. As of 2015, conserva... More »

The best way to look at pictures of snow leopards online is to visit sites that provide information about the cats, such as the National Geographic or Defenders of Wildlife websites. It is also a good idea to visit resea... More »

There are many photographs of snow leopards on websites tailored to children, such as and Other sites, such as the National Geographic website, have informative pictures an... More »

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The snow leopard is a cousin of the African leopard that lives far up in the mountains where few other creatures can survive. Its coat is a mixture of white and grey with large dark spots. It grows to be 39 to 51 inches ... More »

Native to Central Asia, snow leopards have powerful legs that allow them to jump as much as 50 feet in length and 20 feet high. According to National Geographic, these animals use their long tails for balance when they l... More »

Baby snow leopards are called cubs. Snow leopards mate between January and mid-March. The female then delivers two to three cubs in approximately three months after mating. At birth, snow leopard cubs weigh a bit more th... More »

Clouded leopards are not directly related to traditional leopards, though they are in the same family, the Pantherinae family. They typically weigh approximately 28 pounds, with the body measuring 36 inches long on avera... More »