One interesting fact about the Moon lies in how it got its name. The proper name for the Moon is, simply, the "Moon." The Moon was named before humans realized other moons exist, and now "Moon" is capitalized to avoid co... More » Science Astronomy Our Moon

Half Moon Cay is a private island in the Caribbean located about 100 miles southeast of Nassau and owned by the Holland America Line for use by its passengers. Purchased in 1997 for $6 million, the island, formerly known... More » Geography Caribbean

Ten facts regarding gravity starts with the initial set of theories developed by Isaac Newton in 1665 that were supposedly inspired by his observation of a falling apple. Any human or object on the surface of Earth is al... More » Science Physics Motion & Mechanics
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Moon phases occur because the angle of the Earth, moon and sun changes as the moon orbits the Earth. One-half of the moon is always illuminated by the sun. As a person's angle of sight changes, different portions of sunl... More » Science Astronomy Our Moon

Moon phases refers to the appearance of the moon in the night sky and how much of its visible surface is illuminated. As the moon travels through its orbit, the percentage of its illuminated surface facing Earth waxes an... More » Science Astronomy Our Moon

The moon is in fact gradually drifting away from the earth. Each year, the moon spins almost 4 centimeters farther from the earth, which makes the earth's day just a bit longer. While this 1.48-inch movement will eventua... More » Science Astronomy Our Moon

The Moon rotates on its axis and so has day and night much like the Earth does. However, the period of the Moon's rotation and its orbit around the Earth take the same amount of time, so the near side of the Moon is alwa... More » Science Astronomy Our Moon