Zebras grow to be between 4 and 5 feet tall at the shoulder and live in southern and eastern Africa. They dine on grass and leaves and they live in semi-deserts and grasslands. More »

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No zebra has the same set of stripes, according to Find Fast, Facts About Zebras. The Jungle Store explains that there are three species of zebra; and, they include the mountain zebra, plains zebra and Grevy's zebra. Fin... More »

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Zebras, which are characterized by their black and white coats, can reach up to nearly 1,000 pounds. They live exclusively in Africa in the wild. There are only four species of zebras: Grevy's zebra, Hartmann's zebra, mo... More »

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One interesting fact about zebras is that different species have different size stripes that range from narrow to wide. Zebras that live farther south on the African planes have stripes that are further apart those of ze... More »

Individual zebras each have different numbers of stripes because they are all unique. Although the three species of zebras share general patterns, no two animals are exactly alike. More »

The gestation period of a zebra varies based on the species of the animal in question, but most zebras give birth after at least 360 days. In some species, such as the Grevy's zebra, gestation lasts as long as 438 days. More »

A pack of zebras is called a "harem." Plains and mountain zebras often form harems consisting of one stallion and up to six mares with their young that stick together for years. Grevy's zebras may form herds of up to 30 ... More »