Timbuktu is located near the Niger River and was founded in the 11th century; contrary to the oldest rumors, the houses in Timbuktu were never made of gold. As of 2009, the population of Timbuktu was around 55,000. More » Geography Africa

South Africa is a nation in the south of the African continent, comprising a total land area of 471,011 square miles, which is almost twice the size of Texas. The legislative capital of South Africa is Cape Town, while t... More » Geography Africa

Africa is the second largest among the seven traditionally recognized continents in the world, which include Asia, South America, North America, Antarctica, Australia and Europe. As of 2015, Africa is also the second mos... More » Geography Africa
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North Africa is composed of two basic regions: the Maghreb and the Nile Valley. The countries in the Maghreb are Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Western Sahara, and the countries of the Nile Valley are Egypt and Sud... More » Geography Africa

Nigeria boasts a diverse geographical makeup, from wetlands and swamps to mangrove forests and savannas. The country covers a total of 356,000 square miles that are divided into 36 states and one territory. Over 174 mill... More » Geography Africa

According to The Flag Foundation of Nigeria, the central vertical white stripe of Nigeria's flag represents peace and unity, and it alludes as well to the Niger River, which flows through the country and gives it its nam... More » Geography Africa

The capital and largest city of Niger is Niamey, which is situated along the Niger River. The city had a population estimated to be around 1.3 million people as of 2011. Niamey has an area of approximately 92 square mile... More » Geography Africa