Some interesting facts about salt marshes include that they are flooded and drained a number of times every day by saltwater. These coastal environments have variations in their water level based on the tide. The ground ... More »

The Bonneville Salt Flats is a salt pan managed by the Bureau of Land Management. It is located in Tooele County in northwestern Utah and is part of the Great Salt Lake Desert. More » Geography

There are several species of salmon within the order Salmoniformes, the majority of which inhabit the Pacific Ocean. Only one species lives in the Atlantic. Salmon are famous for their long migrations inland to lay their... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Fish

Interesting facts about the Grand Canyon are that its oldest rocks date back two billion years, it represents one-third of Earth's history and it's not the biggest canyon in the world. The Grand Canyon ranges in age from... More » Science Earth Science Landforms

Most existing valleys have been formed by geological conditions that happened thousands of years ago. Rivers and streams are responsible for forming most of the modern valleys. The flowing waters cut valleys in "V" or "U... More » states that the average temperature of an ocean biome, which is made of saltwater, is 39 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of ocean biomes changes depending on the depth of the water, the wind and the... More »

New Brunswick, Canada, located northeast of Maine, has some of the warmest saltwater beaches, highest tides and largest whirlpools in Canada. Despite its far north location, the saltwater beaches are warmer than anywhere... More » Geography Canada