Oats were an increasingly popular food option during the 20th century, and variations of the dish, such as oatmeal, were featured in numerous cultures' cuisines, such as the Irish. Oats were frequently cut and processed ... More »

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Steel-cut oats contain 165 to 170 calories per 44 gram serving, roughly 3 grams of fat and between 5 and 7 grams of protein. Exact nutritional figures vary depending on the brand and the cooking method. More »

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Illinois became a part of the United States on Dec. 3, 1818, making it the nation's 21st state. At 57,918 square miles, it is the 25th largest state in the union, and it is the fifth most populous state, with 12,882,135 ... More »

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Oats are the whole grains or kernels that are the seed of the oat plant, while oatmeal commonly refers to the cereal or porridge made by cooking processed oats in a hot liquid. Coarsely ground oat kernels are also called... More »

Rice is a grain that serves as a staple food for nearly half the world's population. It is rich in carbohydrate sugars, proteins and B vitamins and is used in the production of beverages such as rice wine, rice milk and ... More »

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The earliest introduction of rice into the human diet occurred in the Pearl River valley region of China between 10,000 and 14,000 years ago with the cultivation of Oryza rufipogon, a species of wild grass. Both of the m... More »

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While the terms oatmeal and porridge can be used interchangeably to describe a warm dish made by crushing or chopping oats and combining them with milk or water, the term oatmeal refers to dishes made entirely from oats.... More »