According to 2014 census data, New York City is the largest city in the United States in terms of population, with an estimated 8,491,079 people. The city is famous for its arts and culture scene, monuments, history and ... More » Education K-12 K-12 Curriculum

Some facts about the history of New York City are that the first inhabitants of the area were the Algonquin people, the Europeans explored the area in the 1500s and the first European settlement was on Governors Island, ... More » Geography United States The Northeast

New York became an official state on July 26, 1788, following the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Its first governor was George Clinton, and Albany became its capital in January of 1797. More » History Modern History US History

As of 2015, the total population of New York City is just over 8 million people, making it the most densely populated city in the United States. The state of New York has a total population of over 19 million people, 40 ... More »

As of 2014, the estimated population of New York City reported by the U.S. Census Bureau was 8,491,079 people. This is a 3.9-percent increase in population from the 2010 census. As of November 2015, the U.S. Census Burea... More » World View Social Sciences Population & Demography

New Jersey's largest city, as of 2014, is Newark, which is near New York City and has a population of over 280,000. The state's capital is Trenton, which is on the state's border with Pennsylvania. Atlantic City is a pop... More » Geography United States The Northeast

Olean, New York is the largest city and center of business, finance, entertainment and transportation in Cattaraugus County as of 2015. Located near the border of northwestern Pennsylvania, Olean is one of New York's mai... More » Geography United States The Northeast