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Just as a plain marshmallow becomes a complex, multi-layered treat when you brown it over the fire, so the history of the marshmallow reveals itself to be long and complex if you take the time to explore it. So read on to learn some surprising facts about this essential campfire food..


10 things about... marshmallows You can also see: 10 things about... ice cream , easter eggs , pigs , turkeys , beavers , nettles , marshmallows , pumpkins . At least 10 things you might not know (and maybe one or two made-up “facts”)


Toasting marshmallows over the campfire, what a traditional thing to do! Marshmallows are sweet confectionery food items made primarily of sugar. Homemade marshmallow is generally cut into square shaped portions, while commercially manufactured pieces are generally cylindrical in shape, although the shapes can vary.


Look at Facts about Marshmallows if you want to know the confection created from sugar. The primary ingredients to create a marshmallow are gelatin, water and sugar. It has the small cylindrical shape with spongy consistency.


Facts About Rice Krispie Treats By Connie Whiting Rice Krispie treats are a delicious confection consisting mainly by boxed ready to eat rice cereal and marshmallow crème.


9 Sweet Facts About Marshmallow Fluff. BY Darlena Cunha. February 2, 2016. ... But Fluff is more than just marshmallow crème. It is a living relic of the early 20th century, and it is in no ...


There are 23 calories in 1 regular Marshmallows. Get full nutrition facts and other common serving sizes of Marshmallows including 10 miniatures and 1 oz.


Marshmallow Background. Marshmallows are one of the earliest confections known to humankind. Today's marshmallows come in many forms, from solid (soft pillows dropped in cocoa or roasted on a stick) to semi-liquid (covered in chocolate or formed into chicks for Easter) to the creme-like (used as a base in other candies or as an ice cream topping). In essence, all marshmallows are aerated candi...


We're taking a break from cake with these fluffy, gooey, light delights enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike. This recipe for cloud-like marshmallows unlike any other you’ll have ever tasted and includes gluten-free options too.