Naturally magnetic lodestones were found in an area of Greece called Magnesia and by the 1100s, lodestones were used for navigation. In 1269, Petus de Maricourt discovered that magnets have two poles. More » Science Physics Magnetism

Lexus released a video in 2015 that showed a functioning hoverboard skateboard levitating above the ground by using the magnetic energy of superconductors. This Lexus model follows the Kickstarter release of another vers... More » Sports & Active Lifestyle

Polly Pocket began in 1983 when Chris Wiggs decided to make little dolls for his daughter to play with. He decided to design them very small so that they could fit in a pocket and go anywhere. This meant that children co... More » Hobbies & Games Toys
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You can strengthen magnets by placing them in water, stacking them on top of each other or recharging them. The method of making a magnet stronger depends on the type of magnet you have, explains HowStuffWorks. More » Science Physics Magnetism

Car magnets usually stay in place while the vehicle is in motion as long as they are applied properly. Magnets stay on best when placed on areas of the car that are flat or slightly curved. Car owners should only apply t... More » Science Physics Magnetism

Permanent magnet generators produce electricity by rotating strong magnets around metal wires. These conductive wires then convey the electricity throughout a residence or industrial complex for decades, because the magn... More » Science Physics Magnetism

All magnets have both a north and a south pole, which causes them to either repel or attract one another depending on how the two poles are lined up. If the north pole of one magnet meets the south pole of another, the t... More » Science Physics Magnetism