Some facts about Jamaica include that the mongoose was imported to the island in 1872 to rid cane fields of rats but they also ended up killing off most of the snake population. Voodoo was introduced there by African sla... More »

The island nation of Cuba is located south of the Bahamas and the United States. Jamaica and the Cayman Islands are south of Cuba, and the Dominican Republic's island of Hispaniola is southeast of the small island nation... More »

Chocolate milk was invented by Sir Hans Sloane, an Irish botanist, in the 18th century. While working in Jamaica, the local people served him cocoa to drink, but he was not fond of the taste. He mixed the cocoa with milk... More » Food Beverages

The climate in Jamaica is tropical and humid with warm to hot temperatures all year round. The average temperature in Jamaica is between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Jamaican nights are considerably cooler than the days... More »

Jamaica is home to only a few indigenous mammals, but a wide variety of birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects can be found there. Some of the more common species of mammal, such as the wild boar and the Asian mongoose,... More »

Jamaica is an island country situated in the Northwestern Caribbean Sea. It is one of the largest island nations in the Caribbean. Jamaica was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494. It was a Spanish and British colo... More »

Overall, the weather in Jamaica during the month of May consists of an average temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit with relatively high humidity and a moderate chance of precipitation. Thunderstorms are also common duri... More »