On Dec. 28, 1846 Iowa officially became the 29th state in America. Nicknamed the Hawkeye State, Iowa's capital is Des Moines. The Iowa landscape includes forests, prairies and rivers. More »

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Blizzards are winter storms characterized by blowing snow, less than quarter of a mile of visibility outdoors and strong winds moving 35 mph or faster, according to the National Weather Service. The word "blizzard" once ... More »

An interesting fact about roses is that scientists found a rose fossil that is approximately 35 million years old in Colorado. Another fact is that the Rosa genus includes over 150 species that grow in nature all around ... More »

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Iowa became a state on Dec. 28, 1846. The 29th state admitted to the Union, the Hawkeye State was preceded by Texas and followed by Wisconsin. More »

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While Iowa does not have a state animal, the state does have a state bird, the Eastern Goldfinch. Iowa is one of five states in the United States that, as of 2014, does not have an official state animal. More »

One of the most interesting facts about Mississippi is that it has more tree farms than any other state. Nearly 60 percent of Mississippi is heavily forested and more than 100 tree species can be found in the state. Miss... More »

Some cities and counties in Iowa include Des Moines in Polk County, Council Bluffs in Pottawattamie County, Cedar Rapids in Linn County and Waterloo in Black Hawk County. Another city is Iowa City in Johnson County. The ... More »

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