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40 Interesting Football Facts Football is the world’s most popular game which combines strength, speed, and skills. Even if you are a hardcore fan of Football, there may still be many things that you don’t know about this amazing sport.


58 Winning Facts about Football. By Karin Lehnardt, Senior Writer. Published August 20, 2016 Updated February 3, 2019. ... Deion Sanders is the only person in history to both hit an MLB home run and score an NFL touchdown in the same week. He’s also the only person to play in the World Series and the Super Bowl.


Learn about the history of Pro Football through its birth, the teams, a timeline, news archives and much more. Skip to main content. Honor the Heroes of the Game, Preserve Its History, Promote its Values & Celebrate Excellence Everywhere. Hall of Fame Mission, Values & Vision. Site Search Input ...


The history of American football can be traced to early versions of rugby football and association football.Both games have their origin in varieties of football played in Britain in the mid-19th century, in which a football is kicked at a goal or kicked over a line, which in turn were based on the varieties of English public school football games. ...


Football Facts – Facts about Football Summary. Football is the most popular sport in the United States. The National Football League governs the game at the professional level, orchestrating a 17-week season for 32 teams in two conferences, the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference.


The Pro Football Hall of Fame was dedicated at Canton, Ohio, September 7 1963. Green Bay defeated Oakland 33-14 in Super Bowl II at Miami, January 14. The game had the first $3-million gate in pro football history.


Several codes of football. Images, from top to down, left to right: Association football, Australian rules football, international rules football, a rugby union scrum, rugby league, and American football. Football is a family of team sports that involve, to varying degrees, kicking a ball to score a goal. Unqualified, the word football normally means the form of football that is the most ...


Football is a popular sport in North America. Known as football in the United States and Canada, it is often called gridiron or American football in different parts of the world. It evolved from rugby football, and the first game was played in 1869 between Princeton and Rutgers. The NFL (National Football League) was established in 1920, and by 1922 it was already considered to be the premier ...


In a few day, FIFA 2014 will begin and there are about a billion football-crazy fans who will schedule their lives around the matches. After all, football is the most popular game in the world ...


Soccer is the most popular sport in the world today. Also known as the 'global game', soccer has permeated all nations and has brought even warring-nations on a playing field. Let us go back to the history and timeline of this beautiful game, and get ourselves acquainted with the important moments of this 'beautiful game'.