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Denver is a cultural city with the second highest educated population in America. In its Old West days, Denver had a performance of Macbeth before it had a school or hospital. Today, the Denver Performing Arts Complex has nine theaters seating 10,000 people and is second only to New York's Lincoln Center.


15. Denver was rated as the healthiest city in the country for pets by Purina, ranking high in categories like veterinarian to pet ratio and low number of fleas. 16. Denver has the largest city park system in the nation, with 14,000 acres of mountain parks and 2,500 acres of natural areas. 17.


Denver Facts. Denver records an average of over 300 days of sunshine per year--more than San Diego or Miami Beach. At an elevation of 5,280 feet, Denver is nicknamed the "Mile High City" because it sits exactly one mile above sea level.


Located one mile above sea-level, Denver is nicknamed the "Mile High City". Denver is the capitol of Colorado and turns 150 years old this fall.


Interesting Facts about Denver. 1. Interesting fact: Denver is one of the few cities in history that was not built on a road, railroad, lake, navigable river or body of water when it was founded. It just happened to be where the first few flakes of gold were found in 1858. 2. Fun fact: The first permanent structure in Denver was a saloon. 3.


Book Your Denver Getaway Today! 7 Unique Facts About Denver 1. Professional Sports Teams. The Mile High City is home to five professional sports teams, including baseball, soccer, football, basketball, and hockey.


1. Denver International Airport (at 53 sq. miles) is larger than Manhattan, San Francisco, and Miami and is the 2nd largest airport in the world. – Source 2. Casa Bonita from South Park is a real place in Denver. There are even cliff divers. – Source 3. The first arrest for Marijuana ...


14 Facts About Denver You Never Knew Were True. Do you think you know all there is to know about the Mile High City? Sure, you know the elevation, pro-teams, and average sunny days per year, but did you also know these facts about Denver?


Denver is the most populous city of the 18-county Front Range Urban Corridor, an oblong urban region stretching across two states with an estimated 2018 population of 4,976,781. Denver is the most populous city within a 500-mile (800 km) radius and the second-most populous city in the Mountain West after Phoenix, Arizona.


Get all the facts about the history of Denver, Colorado, including the gold rush and the city's historic neighborhoods. Learn More Weather Get info Denver's weather and much more! Learn More Diverse Denver Since its Wild West beginnings, Denver has attracted people from various ethnic backgrounds. ...