Best known for his theory of relativity, Albert Einstein also discovered the photoelectric effect, explained Brownian movement, played the violin, supported civil rights, and helped found the Hebrew University of Jerusal... More »

Key facts about Albert Einstein for kids include the scientist's status as one of history's most brilliant minds, his development of new ideas in the field of physics and his varied hobbies. Einstein created the famous e... More »

Albert Einstein loved to sail and learned how while attending college in Switzerland. Einstein was forced by his mother to play the violin, but he grew to love playing when he heard the music of Mozart when he was 13 yea... More »

Albert Einstein is prominently known for his theories of relativity and for formulating the famous equation E = mc2, where "E" denotes energy, "m" indicates mass and "c" represent the speed of light. Einstein is less ... More » Science Physics

Albert Einstein is famous for his contributions to science, particularly his general and special theories of relativity. He also won the Nobel Prize for discovering the law of the photoelectric effect. More »

Albert Einstein, probably the most influential physicist of the 20th century, published multiple groundbreaking theories in 1905 and won the 1921 Nobel Prize in physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect. He... More »

In grammar school, Albert Einstein studied science and math whenever he could, and he went on to study math and physics in college. He graduated from Zurich Polytechnic in 1900. More » Science Physics