The easiest way to recycle wood is through a local waste management agency or material reuse outlet. Most areas have access to services that recycle untreated wood for a nominal cost. More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Centers that recycle wood include Potomac Recycling in Dumfries, Virginia; B&J Recycling in Absecon, New Jersey; and American Waste Industries in Sun Valley, California. There is wide range of wood-recycling centers thro... More » Science Environmental Science

To find local facilities that recycle VCR tapes, go to and click Recycle Search at the top of the home page. Type "video tapes" after Search For, your ZIP code after Near, then click Search; the website gene... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

To reduce the amount of residential trash you produce, reduce the use of paper towels, create a compost bin, reuse packaging material, buy recycled materials, and indulge in freecycling. Also, cut down on giving excessiv... More »

Options for restaurants recycling or disposing of used cooking oil include microfiltration for reuse on site or storing it in containers for pickup by recycling companies. The recycling companies then convert the waste c... More »

To recycle bronze, take bronze scrap metal to your local recycling center, where technicians can melt it in a smelter for reuse. Bronze can be recycled perpetually with no adverse effects on its composition. Bronze is a ... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Some examples of recyclable plastics include peanut butter jars, toys, milk bottles, plumbing material, food bags, medicine bottles, plastic cling wraps, stadium cups and syrup containers. Others include detergent bottle... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability