Improve facial skin by checking the quality of water used to wash skin and adjusting skin care products accordingly as well as by drinking green tea, lowering stress levels and improving indoor air quality, says Real Sim... More »

Some common skin conditions include atopic dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, shingles and contact dermatitis, as listed by Mayo Clinic. Skin conditions may be caused by a variety of factors including heat, infection, aller... More »

Two comprehensive galleries of facial and body skin bumps are available at the Healthline website. BabyCenter also offers a gallery of the common skin disorders seen specifically in infants and children. Together, the we... More »

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Dry, cracked skin is a common condition that can be treated in several ways, including moisturizing lotions, highly moisturizing products and topical steroids, notes MedicineNet. Moderately dry skin is best treated with ... More »

Moles occur when skin cells, called melanocytes, form a cluster instead of getting distributed evenly throughout the skin, according to WebMD. Melanocytes are the components of the pigment melanin, which gives skin its n... More »

The treatment for facial dermatitis can depend on the severity of the symptoms and the specific cause for the allergic reaction, which can include steroid creams or facial products. For example, perioral dermatitis, whic... More »

According to WebMD, atopic dermatitis is a skin condition that causes a scaling, itching rash behind the knees and on the face, arms and legs. Itching is the primary symptom of the condition and constant scratching leads... More »