The main way to see who is viewing your Facebook page is to refresh your news feed and see what Facebook friends show up. These are more than likely your top viewers. More » Technology Social Media

Facebook has not yet developed any feature that allows the user to know who has been viewing his or her profile. However, many applications claim to be able to show the identities of those who have visited a particular p... More » Technology Social Media

There is no way to see who views your Facebook profile. Facebook does not provide users with information on who views their profiles due to their privacy rules, and while there are several applications online that claim ... More » Technology Social Media
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According to Facebook, "following" describes a social media relationship that determines the information that generates on a person's news feed. Following occurs when one becomes friends with another individual on Facebo... More » Technology Social Media

When a person is tagged in a Facebook photo, it shows up on their wall and in their photos, and adds an alert to their news feed. The image also shows up in their friends' news feeds. More » Technology Social Media

To poke someone on Facebook, go to the profile of the friend you want to poke. Click "..." on the bottom right corner of your friend's cover photo, and click Poke from the drop-down menu. More » Technology Social Media

Users looking for fame on Facebook should consider their profile pictures, the frequency of their comments and posts and their number of friends. By carefully cultivating an image and interacting frequently, users may in... More » Technology Social Media