The Asus X751LD, the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and the Surface Book have face recognition. All three products run on Windows 10, and each can recognize a user's face to unlock without requiring a password. More » Technology Software

Create a Gameface avatar on by signing into or creating an EA Account, then uploading a clear picture of your face. The site then uses facial recognition software to create an avatar with your likeness, then... More » Technology Internet & Networking

"Purble Place" is a set of three mini-games included with the Windows Vista operating system. The games included are "Comfy Cakes," "Purble Shop" and "Purble Pairs". More » Hobbies & Games Video & Online Games Online Games
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There are many advantages to using speech recognition such as improved turnaround, reduced costs, error reduction and improved and timely decision making. Speech recognition software is most commonly seen in the medical ... More » Technology Software

Some voice recognition and dictation programs include Dragon Dictate and Voice Finger. These programs allow users to issue commands, dictate text documents and perform other features using only their voices. More » Technology Software

TalkTyper and Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium 12 are both good voice recognition programs, according to PC World. Windows Speech Recognition software is also a good voice recognition program and comes preinstalled on co... More » Technology Software

To improve your pronunciation so that voice recognition software can understand you better, speak quickly at a steady pace, find a language teacher or instructional series and record yourself speaking. If you know the ba... More » Technology Software