Easy children's face-painting designs include a clown, mermaid, tiger, lion and a dragon. The Parenting and Made For Mums websites provide step-by-step instructions and videos on how to paint these designs. features instructions for 10 face painting designs, including a mermaid, tiger and dragon. The designs are simple, with each one consisting of two to five steps. Videos and written instructions are included...

On the Day of the Dead, celebrants sometimes paint their faces to look like skulls with decorative accents. These accents include painted flowers, spider webs and hearts.


Face painting is the process or application of facial paint to an individual's face. The purpose of face painting is to be able to disguise oneself through art. Using face paint allows a person to become any character of...

Some easy ideas for face painting include a tiger face, superhero, princess, fairy and the alter ego of rockstar David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust. Another easy idea for face painting is the Incredible Hulk.

Easy jack-o-lantern faces include a classic smiling face, a toothy grinning face and a startled face. These faces are easy for children to help with, but adult supervision is necessary when using sharp tools for carving.

Easy crafts to do with toddlers include allowing them to scribble on or paint cut-out construction paper shapes. Toddlers can also "paint" construction paper with water, as the paper darkens when it is wet.