Snazaroo, a maker of face-painting kits, offers a photo gallery containing stunning pictures of face-painting done by the company's customers. also offers a face-paint gallery, along with instructions on ho... More »

Face painting is the process or application of facial paint to an individual's face. The purpose of face painting is to be able to disguise oneself through art. Using face paint allows a person to become any character of... More »

To avoid allergic reactions or other complications, only makeup palettes and paint that is specifically labeled as face or skin paint can be used for face painting. Acrylic and watercolor paints, even ones that are label... More »

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There are many different kinds of paint used on both the body and face, including Sakura wide-tip markers, Magic color and Mehron face and body paints, airbrush textile acrylics and liquid latex. These different types of... More »

The panda's distinctive black-and-white coloring is the centerpiece of panda face paint. For this project, you need black and white face paint, black eyeliner and makeup sponges. More »

To paint the face so that it resembles a zombie, use gray and green makeup around the cheekbones and chin, white makeup over the entire face, black makeup around the eyes and red and black makeup around the lips. For an ... More »

Henna ink bottles and kits are available from mass retailers, online shopping centers and small specialty shops. Some craft supply stores sell henna kits and refill ink. Auction sites also sell henna ink. More »