Both Kraft's and Taste of Home's recipes are good for cooking a beef eye of round roast. Kraft's recipe calls for cooking the roast at 475 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas Taste of Home's recipe cooks the roast at 325 degrees... More »

The preparation of a roast beef brine involves collecting ingredients such as a ribeye, pepper, sugar, salt, water and ice cubes. The cooking process as a whole involves combining the various ingredients as well as brini... More »

An example of a round roast recipe is herb-crusted roast beef with horseradish cream sauce. This recipe takes 75 minutes to make and requires a food processor, wire rack and pan. More » Food Cooking Meat

Websites such as All Recipes and the Food Network feature recipes for preparing eye of round roast in a slow cooker. Slow cooker cookbooks often also have recipes for eye of round roast. More » Food Cooking Meat

Different ways to cook eye of round roast that include cooking it in an oven and on a stove. Making roast in a slow cooker takes the longest. More » Food Cooking Meat

Cooking a frozen eye round roast is nearly identical to cooking a thawed roast, although it does take approximately twice as long. Season it to taste, and roast it until it reaches the desired internal temperature. More »

Easy recipes for beef stew include McCormick's, Pillsbury's and Taste of Home's recipes for beef stew. Each recipe uses a different cooking method for the stew, including boiling, slow-cooking and baking. More » Food Cooking Meat