Doctors recommend eye membrane surgery to repair a preretinal or epiretinal membrane, called a macular pucker, only when a patient's vision becomes so poor that it interferes with normal activities, according to the Nati... More » Health Vision

An epiretinal membrane is a thin sheet of tissue that can grow on the macula, according to the Eye Institute. It can lead to vision issues due to its film-like consistency. More » Science Human Anatomy

Common causes of swollen eyes include infections, injuries, trauma and allergies. Swelling specific to the eyelid is sometimes a result of more serious issues, such as orbital cellulitis, Graves' disease and ocular herpe... More » Health Pain & Symptoms
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In most cases, macular pucker requires no treatment, according to the National Eye Institute. Eyedrops, medications and supplements are ineffective in treating the condition. If vision deteriorates significantly, a surgi... More » Health Vision

In most cases, a macular pucker does not require treatment as the symptoms, such as blurriness and vision distortion, are mild, according to the National Eye Institute. Most people adjust to these symptoms as they are no... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, can be treated by wearing an adhesive patch over the stronger eye for months or weeks to stimulate vision in the weaker eye, according to the National Eye Institute. Wearing patches als... More » Health Vision

Cataract surgery has a 90 percent success rate improving vision long-term, according to the National Eye Institute. During surgery, the cloudy lens that is causing vision problems is removed and replaced with an artifici... More » Health Vision