Layering eye liner, lining both the upper and lower lash lines, using black eyeliner on the upper lid and brown on the lower, and blending metallic colors with matte colors are all eye makeup tricks. These tricks make ey... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

For those with small eyes, there are many proven tips and tricks that make the eyes really stand out. A base of pale shadow should be worn on the lids. Not only does pale shadow accentuate the size and shape of the eyes,... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

Eye makeup can improve the natural beauty of anyone if used correctly. They key is to experiment and find what techniques and colors work best for you. There are three main components to full eye makeup: liner, mascara, ... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up Eye Shadow

To put on makeup like Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials, apply foundation, concealer and translucent powder as a base for your face; use eye shadow, liquid eyeliner and false lashes to replicate Flo's eyes a... More »

With the proper colors, one can make blue eyes pop with eyeliner and eye shadow.. Using an eye shadow and eyeliner in a shade of brown with dark blue mascara and nude lipstick will make the eyes pop. More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up

Bringing out green eyes is generally a matter of choosing makeup and clothing colors that make the eye color stand out. Contrasting colors such as purples and plums typically make green eyes "pop," and enhancing the gree... More »

Types of makeup that help mask signs of aging include moisturizer, yellow-toned foundation, liquid concealer, brown eyeliner and lengthening mascara. Lashes thin over the years, and Lancôme Définicils High Definition Mas... More » Beauty & Fashion Make-up