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Online images of eye injuries are available at Healthline and eMedicineHealth. Some common injuries to the eyes include trauma from foreign objects, black eyes, corneal abrasions, hyphema, orbital blowout and retinal detachment, states Cleveland Clinic.


In the business world, a lost-time injury is any incident or accident that results in an employee no longer being able to perform essential job functions for a set duration. This may be a few hours, days, weeks or even years.


Some of the most commonly experienced knee injury symptoms include swelling, painful sensations around the knee, popping sounds, difficulty in lifting loads, problems bending, bruising, locking of the knee and tenderness, as noted by MedicineNet. There are several types of knee injuries, with the mo


Some symptoms of a head injury are trouble concentrating and problems with memory, confusion, clumsiness, fatigue, headache, nausea and depression, according to WebMD. The person might also develop sleep disturbances or become sensitive to noise or light. Untreated head injuries can be life threaten


Common symptoms of shoulder problems due to injuries include physical discomfort, inflammation, desensitization, prickling sensation, lack of strength, changes in temperature and discoloration in the affected area, states WebMD. Range of motion around the shoulder joint may also become limited as a


Some common hand injuries include fractures of the distal radius, finger, thumb, wristbone and metacarpals, according to Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush. Treatment options for such cases depend on the severity and location of the injury.


Closed head injuries involve trauma to the head without a break in the skull, states BrainInjuryInstitute.org. There are no lacerations present, adds MedicineNet. Although closed head injuries do not penetrate brain tissue, swelling or bruising of the brain may occur, according to Healthline.


Some symptoms of foot injury include swelling, redness, pain and difficulty moving the affected area. The foot is designed in such a way that it can withstand pressure from walking, standing, jumping and running, notes MedicineNet. However, too much pressure on the foot may cause mild or severe inju


Treatments for thumb injuries include immobilizing the thumb with a splint, ice packs, strengthening exercises and surgical intervention, as described by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. Those who have arthritis at the base of the thumb may also benefit from certain medications, splints


Some signs of neck injury include pain, stiffness of the neck, headaches and spasms of the muscles. Neck injuries are quite common and can affect anyone regardless of age or gender, notes Healthgrades.