According to WebMD, while artificial teardrops and ointments are primarily used to treat dry eyes, there is no specific type of eye drop that works well for everyone. Individuals with chronic dry eyes must experiment wit... More »

Eye drops that have antibacterial properties, such as Vigamox or Azasite ophthalmic eye drops, can treat conjunctivitis, or pink eye. Bacterial conjunctivitis is an infection in the eye that causes inflammation and redne... More »

Eye drops for glaucoma lower eye pressure, according to the Glaucoma Research Foundation. Some do this by increasing the drainage of eye fluid, while others help reduce the amount of fluid the eye produces. More »

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Some common prescription eye drops include antibiotic drops for treating eye infections, lubricating drops for dry eyes, corticosteroid drops for allergies and drops that relieve eye pressure in glaucoma patients, accord... More »

Some good remedies for dry eyes include artificial tears, lubricating eye ointments, taking breaks when watching electronic screens and using mild soap when washing the face. Dry eyes can be caused by medical conditions,... More »

Individuals can treat dry eyes at home by applying a warm compress to the eyes to unplug blocked tear glands and cleaning the eyelids with water and a mild soap, according to Healthline. Individuals with dry eyes should ... More »

Home remedies for Bell's palsy include doing facial exercises, taking nonprescription medications to relieve pain and moistening the eyes with eye drops or ointments, Mayo Clinic explains. Applying warm compresses to the... More »