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extracellular space: Abbreviation: EC space The space between cells. It contains tissue fluid, the water derived from plasma in the adjacent capillaries. The water flows among capillaries, tissue spaces, and cells. See: extracellular fluid See also: space


In cell biology, molecular biology and related fields, the word extracellular (or sometimes extracellular space) means "outside the cell".This space is usually taken to be outside the plasma membranes, and occupied by fluid (see extracellular matrix).The term is used in contrast to intracellular (inside the cell).. According to the Gene Ontology, the extracellular space is a cellular com...


The extracellular space is the space outside of the cell membrane but part of a multicellular organism. The term is typically used for a secreted protein that remains associated with the cell, e.g. as part of the extracellular matrix.


The extracellular space (ECS) is the microenvironment of the nerve cells and an important communication channel, allowing for long-distance extrasynaptic ‘volume’ communication by the diffusion of neuroactive substances between cells. The degree of impaired learning in aged rats and mice correlates, first, with a decrease in the ECS volume ...


The intracellular compartment is the space within the organism's cells; it is separated from the extracellular compartment by cell membranes. [1] About two thirds of the total body water of humans is held in the cells, mostly in the cytosol , and the remainder is found in the extracellular compartment.

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Extracellular space is the immediate external environment of brain cells. This proximity to the cell membrane makes the structure and content of the ECS important for cellular homeostasis and function.


The extracellular space surrounds cells in a multicellular organism, and is composed of two main parts: interstitial fluid (ISF) and extracellular matrix (ECM). ISF is mostly water, and has ...


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Extracellular space synonyms, Extracellular space pronunciation, Extracellular space translation, English dictionary definition of Extracellular space. adj. Located or occurring outside a cell or cells: extracellular fluid. ex′tra·cel′lu·lar·ly adv. adj biology situated or occurring outside a cell or cells...