To express gratitude and thanks, the phrases, "I'm so thankful for" and, "I'm grateful for" are often used. It is also common practice to include words describing the extent of one's gratitude; for example, "I'm overwhel... More » Holidays & Celebrations

The most common way to express gratitude in English is to say "Thank you." "Thanks" is an abbreviated form of "Thank you." Gratitude can be expressed in many other ways in English. Depending on the situation, the level o... More » Education

Some common phrases for expressing gratitude are "Thank you," "Thank you very much," "Thanks," "I owe you one," and "Thanks so much." These are all fairly common spoken ways of expressing gratitude in the English languag... More » Education
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A vote of thanks speech should coincide with the event or ceremony underway, and should express gratitude to all involved. It is also crucial the vote of thanks be short, as it is usually the last item on the agenda, but... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Phrases similar to "thank you" suitable to be printed or engraved on a plaque include "in grateful appreciation," "with thanks," "a world of thanks," "your efforts are greatly appreciated," "with gratitude" and "we canno... More » Holidays & Celebrations

‘Thank you,’ ‘I am grateful,’ ‘sincere thanks,’ ‘I am indebted to you’ and ‘I am thankful’ are some words of gratitude. Oxford dictionary defines gratitude as the quality of being thankful to someone. It is derived from ... More » Education

Only a few short but sincere sentences are an adequate expression of gratitude to those who express their sympathies following the death of a loved one. A thank you message for a sympathy card should state appreciation f... More » Holidays & Celebrations