The probate process varies from state to state, but generally refers to the court-supervised process in which a deceased person's assets are gathered and distributed to creditors and inheritors, states LegalZoom. Some st... More » Government & Politics Law

To start the probate process, someone acting on behalf of the deceased, usually the executor of the will, comes forward with the will. The probate process is initiated in the probate court in the county of the decedent’s... More » Government & Politics Law

The probate process begins by filing a request to probate in the appropriate court of the county the deceased was living at the time of his death, says Nolo. The original will and a death certificate must accompany the r... More » Government & Politics Law
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The probate process takes place when courts supervise the gathering of a deceased individual's assets and subsequent distribution of those properties to inheritors and creditors. Although the deceased's will may have nam... More » Government & Politics Law

When probate is granted the deceased's chosen executor or the court-appointed administrator begins the process of paying off debts and distributing assets, according to FindLaw. If there is property not directly bequeath... More » Government & Politics Law

A probate document is any legal document involved in the probate process, in which the validity of a deceased person's will is determined and the property is distributed to beneficiaries. These documents are filed with t... More » Government & Politics Law

The probate forms needed vary from state to state, but the process usually begins by filing a request for probate in the appropriate court, reports Nolo. Applicants need the original wills and death certificates when fil... More » Government & Politics Law