Surface tension is the cohesive force found between molecules that are liquid in nature. This cohesiveness forms a level of resistance at the surface of the liquid that is not present in the same degree beneath the surfa... More » Science Physics

Soap decreases surface tension by changing the way water behaves on the surface. Hard and soft water react differently when soap is added to them. More »

The surface tension of water is 72 dynes per centimeter on average, although variations in temperature may raise or lower surface tension. Dynes are a unit of measure used to indicate the amount of force needed to break ... More » Science Chemistry

Surface tension is caused by the attraction between liquid molecules along the surface of the liquid. Most of the molecules in a liquid have several neighboring molecules that they interact with, but the molecules along ... More » Science Physics Motion & Mechanics

When a force is applied to an object resting on a surface, a retarding force is that which opposes the force being applied to the object. A retarding force is usually that of friction, which must be overcome when moving ... More »

To calculate the normal force on an object, draw a free body diagram, determine the surface's angle, factor in the other present forces, and solve for the normal force. Note that the normal force is perpendicular to the ... More »

The forces that attract water molecules to one another cause surface tension. Water molecules can form hydrogen bonds with each other, and each molecule is attracted to those around it. Molecules at the surface are more ... More »