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Not all exotic animals make good pets, please do research when contacting anyone on an animal you want as a pet. Also, some states, counties, municipalities and cities require a license, permit or for you to register the exotic animal in your location.


From tarantulas and freshwater stingrays to wallaroos and alligators, if you want to know what exotic pets are for sale, check out these 25 Exotic Animals You Could Legally Own. Note: Some of the animals featured in this post can be legally owned only in certain US states as each state has its own laws regarding pet ownership.


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Melissa cares for a variety of exotic animals and has completed a certificate in veterinary assisting and a bachelor's degree in biology. The public, and animal rights groups in particular, always seem to have such a negative impression of more unique animals being kept as pets. "You own that?" "How ...


The exotic "pet" trade is big business and many animals pay the price. Learn about what you can do to help stop animal victims of pet shops and dealers.


It’s a great way to feed your exotic animal fetish and hobby-ish nature. If you ever thought owning some exotic pets would be a colossal nightmare in care and possession, you would be surprised to know that the animals mentioned below are actually being kept as pets.


The definition of an "exotic pet" is a loose one.Originally, it referred to species that were considered wild animals and not typically kept as domestic pets. However, there is now a legal basis for what's considered an exotic pet.


Melissa cares for a variety of exotic animals and has completed a certificate in veterinary assisting and a bachelor's degree in biology. As pet-keeping continues to grow in popularity, exotic pet-keeping does as well. Many people are surprised to learn about the great diversity of species that we ...


An exotic pet is a rare or unusual animal pet: an animal kept within human households which is relatively unusual to keep or is generally thought of as a wild species rather than as a pet. Definitions. The definition is an evolving one; some rodents, reptiles, and amphibians have become firmly enough ...


16 of the World’s Most Sought After Exotic Pets. ... It is the owner’s choice if they want to take on the many responsibilities that are involved in taking care of an exotic animal. And for those who seek the exotic, unusual and lavish, these pets can help fulfill that desire while adding to one’s status symbol. ...