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Oct 30, 2002 ... About Smith's Bible Dictionary ... Index of Scripture References. ... the name of several places in Palestine, probably signifies a meadow .


This dictionary contains every biblical name and its various shades of Hebrew or Greek meanings. Your own relationship with God will be enriched as you gain ...


DICTIONARY OF BIBLE PROPER NAMES eration historical events. , i. e. , identification, and the literal meaning of the name. VI. Compari sons. A name having a.


Webster's 1828 Dictionary; Easton's Bible Dictionary; Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary; Smith's Bible Dictionary; Naves Topical Index; Strong's Exhaustive&nbs...


This word does not appear in the Bible. ho Hagios —transliteration from Greek Greek: ὁ Ἅγιος. Meaning: “The Holy One”. Mark 1:24 NASB.


Crossway Comprehensive Concordance of the Whole Bible - ESV - Mounce. Strong's Exhaustive Concordance - Very common. Bible Dictionary:.


Apr 17, 2018 ... PDF | According to one method of counting, there are about 2670 Old Testament Hebrew proper names and 580 New Testament Greek proper names, ...


This article includes a list of biblical proper names that start with A in English transcription. Some of the names are given with a proposed etymological ...


A lightweight and easy-to-use app that will bring you a great Bible dictionary in addition to the full King James Bible version.


documents, as well as the post-Biblical Hebrew have been examined in the dictionaries, of Buxtorf, J. Levy, Jastrow, and Dalman, the collections of Bacher, ...


Every name in the bible is included in The Exhaustive Dictionary of Bible Names. Whether you are looking for a biblical name for your child to be, ...