To slim the calves, focus on movements that strengthen and tone the muscles without directly targeting the area. These include exercises like calf raises, hops and yoga. Although spot reduction is a myth and genetic pred... More »

Exercise can reduce body fat, but no specific exercises causes fat loss only around the ankles. Attempting to lose weight from one area of the body is also known as "spot reduction" and, according to Yale Scientific, is ... More »

Single-leg squats, bent-knee crossovers, standing abductions, double leg lifts and lunges will help slim hips and thighs, according to WebMD recommends weight-bearing aerobic exercises such as running or ... More »

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A person can get great legs by performing exercises that tone the leg muscles. Another way to get great legs is by using a few beauty tips to keep them looking their best. Frequent shaving and light moisturizing may help... More »

Examples of exercises that help tone the back muscles include shrugs, cable rows, pull-ups and dead lifts. Toning exercises have the best results with eight to 15 reps, according to Jeffrey Rice, an American Council on E... More »

Some examples of exercises that focus on arm muscles are bicep curls, hammer curls and tricep pushdowns. Arm workouts focus on exercising the biceps, triceps, deltoids, rhomboids and the forearm muscles More »

The best way to tone the legs is through exercises that focus on engaging key leg muscles. Some common exercise moves are squats and the skater lunge. More »