There are several fitness websites that provide excellent workout charts; one popular site is Fit Sugar. Pop Sugar at primarily caters to young women, but there are comparable websites for men and women of d... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

To make a printable exercise chart, use a word processing or spreadsheet program to create the chart. Schedule your workouts on the chart around when you have time and state what your exercise goals are. Print the chart. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

The manufacturer of Bowflex home gyms offers a free download of an exercise chart from its official website. The chart describes a full-body workout routine to follow for six weeks and allows the user to track progress o... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

A CrossFit workout is a fitness program designed to offer a complete body workout as a result of combining specific elements of core training, gymnastics, weight lifting and cardiovascular exercise programs. This strengt... More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

In common fitness parlance, 'reps' means an individual repetition of an exercise, according to Crossfit NYC. Whenever someone says, "You need to do X reps in this set," the person means the exercise needs to be done X nu... More »

Exercise science explores how diet, exercise and overall health contribute to physical fitness. It is an integral part of sports medicine and biomechanics, and is offered as a degree path in a number of universities. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise

To create a home exercise program, identify ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday routine. It isn't necessary to have equipment to achieve this, but owning some may help. More » Health Fitness & Exercise Exercise