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The President of the United States and other high-members of the executive branch are the only individuals in government that are entitled to executive privilege. The principle holds that these high government officials can withhold information from the U.S. Congress, the court systems and the Ameri


In the United States, government-funded education provided to children through grade 12 is considered a right. In a system fraught with inequalities as to income, race and developmental abilities, some have come to see getting a quality education in the U.S. a privilege not offered to all.


The term "franking privilege" refers to the right granted to certain members of Congress and their staff that allows free postage of official correspondence to their constituents. The member's signature, known as the "frank," serves as a substitute for the stamp on the envelope.


Choice Privileges members earn points that are redeemable for free hotel nights, airline miles and other rewards. The Choice Hotels website saves a member's personal preferences so he can make hotel reservations quickly. During a hotel stay, members receive extended check-out, express reservations a


The U.S. Constitution has two different privilege and immunities clauses; the first is located in Article IV, and the second is in the 14th Amendment. The first declares that the officials of any state cannot discriminate against out-of-state citizens, whereas the second states that no state law can


Although privileges in prison depend on the specific prison system, the level of security and the policies of any specific prison, typical prison privileges include access to television and visits and phone calls with family members. Other privileges in prison include access to recreational faciliti


The Constitution's Privileges and Immunities Clause says that no state may discriminate against non-residents of that state in its policies. The clause's name is derived from the idea that in any given state, a resident and a non-resident are entitled to the same privileges and immunities granted by


A sales executive is an employee of a company who is responsible for selling the company's goods and services to customers. Customers are not limited to individual people, but can also be other businesses and even government organizations. Depending on the company, the position may refer to a person


Some of the most important roles of an executive assistant include planning meetings, organizing and maintaining files, planning travel and guest issues, ensuring quality service provision, managing projects and maintaining a professional working environment, as noted by CareerStep. These duties may


Executive privilege is the right claimed by US presidents to withhold information from Congress and the courts. Executive privilege is an implied power claimed by Presidents of the United States and other officials of the executive branch of government to withhold from Congress, the courts or indivi